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The process is easy, fast and secure.


It does not matter which part of the world you are located.

We have helped hundreds of people who live in other states.


This process can be performed perfectly by your phone and web connection.


Our mission is to help you and give you the best results. We focus firmly on having excellent communication with our customers.

Paso 1: Download WhatsApp from the app store


If you already have the WhatApp application installed, perfect! We use WhatsApp as a means of communication because it is direct and secure. The best thing is that you can send us photos and documents through this application to make your process faster!

Paso 2: Save our number in your phone

Save our number as M&M Services US

Paso 3: Send us a Text or Voice mail

Screenshot 03.png
Screenshot 06.png
Screenshot 01.png

Tell us what your name is, what country you are from, what is your immigration status and what is the process you want to do with us.

Paso 4: Wait for us to respond

Screenshot 02.png
Screenshot 04.png
Screenshot 05.png

We ask you to please give us 48 hours to answer your message as we have many other messages to answer. Thank you for your collaboration.


If you qualify, we will inform you what documents you need to start processing your immigration petition and we will give you the steps to follow at that moment.

Important Note:

The immigration laws of the United States are constantly changing and unfortunately not many qualify but do not let this stop you. It is important to know about your immigration options. If you have more questions and want to speak directly with us, send us a message to reserve a 15 minute consultation.

Paso 5: Congratulations!


Prepare for a positive life change. You have taken the first step toward the American Dream!


Very soon we will offer other services that will teach you how to start a business, how to manage your money and what you have to know to be successful in this country.

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